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Remote Clocking

A cloud-based, mobile-first clocking solution for Time and Attendance, Piecework, Job Costing and Weighing.


Recording time and attendance information for many employees, possibly distributed across geographical boundaries can be cumbersome and time-consuming using traditional attendance tracking terminals and methods.

Donkerhoek Data Remote Clocking eases the burden on the employer by introducing a low-maintenance, real-time service that allows for centralized management of employees and devices, and automatic aggregation of the data generated by employees.

Any changes to employee information by your payroll or HR department is automatically pushed to the relevant devices, and any employee clocking records from the devices are automatically pushed back to our servers for easy aggregation and export.

By leveraging the latest web and mobile technologies, we’ve built an easy-to-use mobile access control terminal application that works well under constrained network conditions with best-effort real-time synchronization of employee and clocking data. Data is transmitted through cellular networks, using a Donkerhoek Data provisioned SIM card, or through Wi-Fi when available.

The application allows for the use of different employee identification methods such as Donkerhoek Data provided NFC cards or tags.

12, 24 or 36 Month Rental Option for the RG360 Coming Soon!


  • Real-time Information

  • User-friendly software

  • Fully Integrated with Donkerhoek Data Payroll

  • Durable IP68 Device

  • Time & Attendance

  • Piecework

  • Job Costing

  • Weighing

Watch the Remote Clocking Video Introduction

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If you are unable to login to the Remote Clocking service, and urgently need to download you clocking data, you will need to export the records manually. Please feel free to contact our Support Department, should you need any assistance.  – 021 874 1047