Donkerhoek Data, payroll management software, farm management software, clocking in, time management software, water management, fuel management software, payroll, software solutions Cape Town South Africa
Donkerhoek Data, payroll management software, farm management software, clocking in, time management software, water management, fuel management software, payroll, software solutions Cape Town South Africa

Payroll Management Software

Our Payroll software package is the result of more than 37 years experience in the South African payroll IT arena. The software is enhanced on a regular basis so as to incorporate the latest technology and continually changing legislation. Donkerhoek Data’s Payroll is a cost effective, user-friendly solution to all your payroll needs.


Our Payroll Management Solutions package is a cost-effective, user-friendly and practical payroll solution. As our flagship product, this is a user-friendly and fully customizable solution for any business. The program adheres to the latest Labour legislation and all SARS requirements. Reporting is flexible, with a report-writer built into the package. All reports can be exported to Excel, Word, PDF or any printer. The input methods for both static and pay information is easy and user-friendly. Data can be imported from Excel, and Global change options are also available saving valuable time.

The Package include the following Modules:



We offer:

  • Regular training sessions at our head office

  • Comprehensive user manuals

  • Regular updates via the web

  • Exceptional support in English and Afrikaans

Employee Information

We take a centralized approach to keeping Employee Information in our system. We cater for all the statutory information that needs to be recorded, and validate this information on capturing, to ensure correct information is entered and stored. Further, customizable user-fields allow users to capture any additional employee information, to be kept on record. Historical information is available at the click of a button, even after an employee has been terminated or removed from the system. Global Changes allow for information to be changed for multiple employees at the same time, saving the user valuable time.

Easy payment processing

Our user-friendly screens and input methods, enable users to capture mass data faster. Various Importing and exporting functions are also available on Payment information. The system automatically calculates and caters for UIF and PAYE, and additional automatic calculations can be setup as well. Each client’s Pay Screen is fully customized – you determine your own input fields, formulas and reports. We adhere to Labour Law with regards to Leave and Sick Leave, and the program automatically accumulates and keeps balances of the various leave types. Our system integrates with all major banks and other electronic payment services, for e.g. PaySoft, ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank, Capitec, Celbux.


From statutory reporting, to personnel forms, we have got it all covered. A set of Personnel forms and reports are provided e.g., Notice of Disciplinary hearing, Work Certificate, Application of Leave etc. These are printed directly from the software, so there is no need to complete employee information manually. A range of reports, setup according to your custom Pay Input screen, provide valuable management information regarding your Payroll costs. Statutory reports include a monthly UIF Declaration, UI-19 reports, ETI reports and EMP201 report. For cash payments, a Cash Analysis is also available to be printed, emailed or faxed, in order to withdraw the correct monetary denomination for your payslips. INTEGRATED Payslips can be printed in the language choice of the employee. Historical payslips are also available to be re-printed at the click of a button.

Meeting your tax needs

Various Tax scenarios is catered for, like Medical Aid, Travel Allowances, Retirement Funds etc. All the relevant SARS Codes are available to be linked to your different Income Types and deductions, in order to correctly report this on your annual tax certificates for your EMP501 submissions. We keep up with the latest legislative and reporting changes, as distributed by SARS, in order to seamlessly integrate with SARS’s e@syFile software, via an electronic CSV file. The Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) initiative is still in place until February 2029, and our software does all the necessary calculations to identify which employees qualify for this incentive, and generates the required reports and information for SARS. Our system also generates electronic UIF Declaration files, which can be sent to the Department of Labour on a monthly basis. This conforms to the latest specifications, and ensures that your information is always up to date. You can also print UI-19 reports directly from the program, so there is no need to complete any manual forms anymore.


Our Piecework module is fully integrated with our Payroll and Time Systems modules. If manual inputs are preferred, we have quick and easy input methods. The Piecework module caters for multiple payment options. You have the option to pay at a fixed rate per unit, which means that you specify a “Rate per Unit”, which then gets multiplied with the units to get to a payment value. Alternatively, there are sliding scale and a predetermined amount calculations available. The user then specifies the total amount available for the Piecework payment, and the software uses calculations to determine the value of each employee’s payment. Speed, quality etc. can be included in these calculations. In order to adhere to minimum wage requirements, the system can optionally also calculate the piecework minimum wage, in order to ensure that employees do not get paid less than the minimum wage. Various reports are also available on the piecework information. Reports on historical piecework data are also available at the click of a button.

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